seeing the kingdom come in a home, market, restaurant and to a family

Todd Rutkowski, Jan 25, 2018, 4:53 PM
Todd Rutkowski National Catalyst of Vineyard Emerge

Near the end of 2017 Amp and I went to the north of Thailand with a small team of people from the Living Room Vineyard in Bangkok. Bangkok is a city of 10 million people. We are familiar with lots of people in one place so a trip to the north was a trip to the country side for us city dwellers. Our first stop was a visit with the mother of a lady from the Living Room Vineyard. She lived by herself and she had no connection to faith or God. While we were there at her home everyone was trying to bless her, and talk to her about Jesus. She was not interested. I was praying one day and I received a word knowledge for her regarding her fear of being in an accident and sickness. She was afraid of this because of what a fortune teller had told her years earlier. She was very surprised and shocked by this word because she never told anyone her encounter with the fortune teller. She then allowed us to pray for her specifically about this fear. We ended up casing out some demons from her as we prayed. At the end she willingly received Christ and gave us all her idols to destroy. We watched the Kingdom come in a home.
The next stop of the trip was in the mountain area. We stayed the night in small village. During the night we went to the tea Festival which is a kind of large open market. We somehow ended up at a tea shop chatting with the shopkeeper. I started talking to the shopkeeper and at the end I invited our team to pray for her. While praying for her I have a word for her. The word was that where she is living now she does not feel she belongs and feels alone and lonely. We blessed her to receive God's love as a father. We saw some tears in her eyes as we prayed. We then stopped and asked what was happening. She said she is an orphan and where she is living is not her real home. What we said to her what was so to the point that she felt seen by God and became undone. Again, we saw Kingdom come in the market.

Later that day we found a restaurant on the roadside and we stopped for dinner. You know that us Thai love food! After a good meal I talked to the shop owner and again invited everyone on our team to come and pray for her. While praying I felt God had a word for her. I told her that God want her to hear that she is a good mother. After I shared what I felt a picture came to me too. In the picture I saw her caring for her two children but I did not see her husband at all. God repeatedly let me see this picture a few times. I then spoke to her a couple of times about this picture and said that I was surprised that I did not see her husband in the picture, just her alone caring for your children. Then she told us that she is a single mom. We saw some tears come to her eyes. We then were able to pray for her specifically, as we watched the Kingdom come in the restaurant.

Our last stop of the trip was to visit the parents of a person in the Living Room Vineyard. At their home we were sharing Jesus to them but they too were not interested. Due to long hours of driving to get there I fell asleep while everyone was trying to pray for them. Those who know me know that I can fall asleep anywhere at any time. When I woke up I had a word of knowledge come to me right away. I said that I felt one of them had physical problems from the waist down and the other one had experienced a nightmare a couple days ago. It turns out that the mother has had knee problem for a long time and the father had just experienced a terrifying nightmare a couple of days earlier and he didn't tell anyone, not even to his wife. We divided into two teams one to pray for the mother and one for the father. The Kingdom came we have more words of knowledge for the father regarding his fear and him encountering demons in the past. At the end the father received Christ and gave us all his expensive idols to destroy. The Kingdom came to this family.

Thailand is 95% Buddhist and Buddhism is both a cultural identification and it is filled with worshiping idols that people are unaware of how that practice holds them captive to spiritual darkness. I grew up Buddhist and encountered Christ in a vision in my twenties. Today Thailand is less than 1% Christian but God is expanding his Kingdom. Overall it was quite a trip besides the food, the fellowship, the sightseeing, I would call it a Kingdom trip.

Sukit Wangtechawat
Bangkok Thailand