the table - launching a new vineyard community in the Fraser Valley in B.C.

Todd Rutkowski, Feb 26, 2018, 5:02 PM
Todd Rutkowski National Catalyst of Vineyard Emerge
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A NEW Vineyard community launched in the Fraser Valley, B.C.

Vineyard Canada "Emerge" Initiative is excited to see a new Vineyard community in the Greater Vancouver area called "the Table" launched this past weekend. "The Table" looks to become a diverse community seeking the way of Jesus together in an environment of authentic belonging.  With the four core families sharing life together over the last 2 years they are ready to open their community for more people to take a seat around the table and share life together. At the heart of their practices, focus and fuel is to follow Jesus, His word and Spirit. Merciful love is at the center of who they are and how they will seek to share life together as a community. Valuing emotionally healthy relationships and living a work-life balance, that paces with the speed of the soul, sets the rhythm for their community life. The mission is simple. It is rooted in real life. The invitation and support to engage with the life of community where members live, work and play.

The name the "the Table" comes out of a posture of hospitality. One that values deepening relationships and time to "be" together not just "do" together. The community is reaching for a place where all are welcome to share the journey of life together. The celebratory, the grief and the ordinary. At "the Table" they believe sharing life takes one thing, time. Engaging in shared life takes one thing, intentionality. Experiencing shared life takes one thing, vulnerability.  We are excited to see the launch of this new community and are cheering them on!

For more information on "the Table" community and when they gather contact [Please enable JavaScript to see this content]


This is great to see, @Todd Rutkowski. This sort of organic yet intentional growth process for planting new communities and churches sounds like a solid way to do it, with lots of potential for growth based on significant time spent to develop deep roots. In light of some of the faces I recognize in that picture, I imagine that it is a pretty rich and dynamic group to be part of, too.